You Are More Likely To obtain Struck By Lightning Than To Win The Lotto - True Or Incorrect?


A lot of people win the lotto every year. A research from a couple of years ago revealed that 1136 people in North America won at least $1 million in the lottery in 1996.

Now, ask yourself this - Do you believe that hundreds of people get struck by lightning on a monthly basis? I will offer you the response shortly.

Perhaps you would think about winning $100,000 to be a lottery game win too. If you look at how many individuals win at least $100,000 in a year, that number would be closer to 10,000, I would think.

If 10,000 people win a minimum of $100,000 in the lotto every year, that would suggest that more than 800 people win the lotto each and every month.

Do you believe that 800 people get struck by lightning every month?


OK, so here is the response - On average, less than 100 people in North America are struck by lightning every year. The same study that took a look at lottery game winners in 1996 also took a look at how many individuals were hit by lightning in that very same year and it discovered that simply 91 individuals did.

The response to the initial question is not real, as many individuals tend to think - It is FALSE!

If that kept you up all night, stressing, you can now stop worrying and sleep soundly. You can rest easy now, understanding that you are really about 12.5 times most likely to win a million dollars (And even more if you consider a $100,000 win to be a lottery win) than you are to experience 30,000 amps of atmospheric electrostatic discharge.find out more at no deposit free bet sportsbook

See, so you do not actually have that much to worry about. Does that make you feel better now?